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Clogged Clothes Dryer Vent symptoms:

1. Is it takes more than usual and too long to dry?

2. Is after one cycle clothes are still damp?

3. Is the top of the dryer get very hot?

4. Is your outside cap flapper is close while dryer on?

5. Is your dryer suddenly stopped working?

6. Is it takes you sometime 2, 3 or even 4 cycles to dry?

7. Is your appliance guy just replaces a fuse, thermostat or a heating element?

8. Dryer check vent or check filter is on?

9. Burning smell from your dryer?

If you have one or two of those symptoms you should call Austin dryer vent cleaning services to clean your dryer vent.

Austin Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Guarantees to all our customers that we will be the most professional and the most affordable dryer vent cleaning service with integrity and satisfaction.


Our Process

Professional Dryer Duct Vent Cleaning Austin TX


Our dryer vent cleaning process starts with locating the actual dryer vent outside cap, while many other dryer vent companies mistakenly clean a bathroom fan vent or an A/C heating vent instead of the real dryer vent.  After locating the real dryer vent, we start by carefully pulling out the dryer, disconnecting the aluminum sleeve and the power outlet and connecting a special blower to the exhaust vent to check air flow with an anemometer.  We continue to use a specially-made dryer vent rotary brush which is flexible enough to snake through the whole length of the dryer exhaust vent.  This brush is also capable to manuveur through 3 or 4 bends or curves in the exhaust vent, while other companies, who buy a cheap dryer vent cleaning kit from Home Depot or Lowe’s that will include a brush that cannot manuveur around one curve, and also most of the time the brushes that come with these kits get stuck inside the vent, making the problem much worse.   After using the rotary brush with the help of a powerful vacuum and blower we make sure that the brush snakes all the way from the outside cap to the laundry room, and that there is absolutely no more leftover debris or lint.  Then we clean out the aluminum sleeve, the lint trap, and the back of the dryer and all the dryer area.  The dryer is then pushed back to its original position.  We re-connect the aluminum sleeve to the dryer and then re-connect the dryer to the power outlet and run a cycle to see that the dryer works properly (heating and spinning) and producing a good flow of air outside.

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